Responsibility is central to our sustainable growth strategy – how we behave today impacts our business tomorrow.

Acting with integrity. Living our values

Responsibility is central to our sustainable growth strategy. How we behave today impacts our business tomorrow. Right across the Group, colleagues are taking real action – bringing our values and corporate responsibility framework to life. From clever ways to reduce energy consumption to supporting local communities, the opportunities to make a contribution are varied and open to all.

Respecting natural resources

We’re focused on energy efficiency and invest in renewable sources. Our approach is to reduce, reuse and recycle, and our management systems help us to limit waste, energy use and water consumption.

Reinvesting in society

We’re reinvesting in the communities we live and work in by supporting livelihoods through wealth creation and community participation. We promote responsible labour practices in respect of Human Rights, and our Altadis Foundation plays an important role in supporting fundraising and volunteering initiatives.

Responsible with our products

Millions of people around the world choose to enjoy our tobacco products every day. In meeting this demand we understand that there is societal concern with the use of tobacco products and the health issues associated with it. We have a responsibility to deliver products of the quality and content that consumers are entitled to expect. We support our consumers and proactively tackle important issues such as the smuggling and counterfeiting of tobacco products. We work to protect the legitimate tobacco market, which helps to ensure that tobacco products are sold only to adults and that criminals do not profit through illicit trade. We take our obligations seriously and apply high standards of responsible marketing to reinforce adult choice.